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    I am Chuck (graytcote) and I am really excited about being able to offer Groundspeak Merchandise to our
    local Geocachers and to all of my Internet Friends. Geocaching has been a part of my life for nearly ten years.
    Whenever I am out and see a good looking tree or an interesting spot I think "that would be a good place for a
    cache". Whenever you get a whim to hide a cache I want you to be able to come by and pick up quality cache
    boxes, logbooks, and labels. I would like to make that part of my contribution to caching in this area. I use to
    buy my caching supplies at Dollar Stores. When the first rain came I had to read the logs about the cache being
    wet and the logbooks being ruined.

    I have been Geocaching since February 28, 2001. The first cache I found was "Green Leaf Suspension" south
    of Muskogee. I wasn't sure what to look for, but after the mile and a half walk in, I was the first to find it. That
    same day, I drove about 80 miles to find my next cache which was "Where Eagles Roost" over by Keystone
    Dam. The very next day, on March 4th, I was the first to find Tulsa Cache #1 on the west bank of the Arkansas
    in Tulsa. Those were the only three caches in Northeastern Oklahoma at the time.

    I hid my first cache, which I called "Appalachia," at the original Townsite of Appalachia on May 3, 2001. Some
    of my most fun moments Geocaching, besides Fall Fests and Spring Flings, were when I hid my "Oklahoma
    Route 66 Geocaching Motor Tour" series of caches, when I developed the photos from the first camera out of
    my "Appalachia" Cache, and when I did my Geocaching Tour of the Ghost Town of Ray. I set out in the
    morning of May 18, 2003 starting at Sapulpa on Route 66 and about every 13 miles I looked for spots to hide
    caches. Ninety miles later I picked the Round Barn at Arcadia for my last (or first) cache of the series. I
    developed the pictures from the first camera of the "Appalachia" Cache the first week of March in 2002 and
    posted it on the cache page. That was the first time other Geocachers and I were able to see photos of and to
    put faces to screen names.

    When I went to the ghost town of Ray, at Sequoyah State Park, on September 7, 2002 all I had was a hand
    drawn map showing the store, school, and cemeteries that were left. I did an overlay of that map and put coords
    on those spots. I managed to find 3 of the cemeteries. I really got excited when I found the old Store/Post
    Office Site. I found an old spoon at the store site and put it in the fork of a tree near the cache. I posted two
    cameras worth of pictures on the cache page and I am getting ready to post the third. Later that day I stopped
    in Wagoner, visited the author of the hand drawn map, I told him I was amazed how accurate it was, and bought
    a book he wrote with lots of photos of Ray and it's citizens.

    I have continued Geocaching through the years. I belong to three Treasure Hunting Clubs which has kept me
    busy. Digging relics is also one of my passions and I like to do it as often as I can. I have been metal detecting
    since 1983. I founded Indian Nations Detectors on January 9, 2007. I retired on May 1, 2009 from the Oklahoma
    Department of Transportation where I worked as a Surveyor for 28 years. No more wading creeks (except
    when I cache or relic hunt), cutting brush (except when I am working on our ongoing cemetery cleanup project),
    or working on and next to the highway. I am glad to be away from all those drivers that are in "telephone or
    text land." At least I'm off of the road, by foot, anyway. The GPS we used for surveying was nice when it
    worked, getting 2 millimeter accuracy!

                      Contact Info

    As I stated on the Geocaching Supplies Page, I am located in Broken Arrow, OK. I keep very flexible hours. I
    will answer emails and phone calls seven days a week, whenever I am awake, or have iPhone reception. Please
    call or email me, to make an appointment to be sure I will be at the store.

                    Cell Phone Number - 918-906-9912
                                                                      Email -
    I will ship mostly with the Post Office since Geocaching Supplies are so small and light. If I get the order
    early in the morning, I will ship that day; if not, your order will ship the next business day. Flat items like
    stickers and labels that I can fit in an envelope, and which weigh under an ounce, will cost 44 cents and be
    mailed first class. Small items that I can fit in a small bubble envelope will be shipped first class and cost
    $2.95. When I have to put items in a box it will usually cost $4.95 and will be sent via Priority Mail. Very
    large cache boxes will cost about $5.95 and Ammo Cans will probably cost $6.50 and be shipped via UPS

    If you have a certain preference for shipping your package, let me know. I will combine shipping charges.
    My Paypal Shopping Cart reflects individual shipping costs per item.  PayPal would not give me the option
    to combine shipping the way I needed to.  I will be finding another shopping cart. If you want more than
    one item please email or call me for your combined shipping costs. I will then send you a PayPal Invoice or
    take your Credit/Debit Card over the phone. I also take checks or money orders as payment but we will
    have to wait for them to clear my bank before I ship.
    I have to charge Oklahoma residents State, County, and City Sales Tax which is 8.517% right now. Every
    one out of state is exempt. In most cases for Geocaching Supplies taxes are less than shipping charges. For
    walk in orders I can take Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, or checks as payment.
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