Garrett AT PRO & Ace Accessories
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Introducing our Newest AT PRO & Ace Accessories!

We have two different types of Metal Arm Cuffs,
a Snap On Stand, and our Shaft Locks!

We are offering two different types of metal cuffs which will include
pads, hardware, and straps. One is a Whites style cuff which you can
bend some to mold to your arm. The other cuff is a really nice heavy
duty powder coated aluminum cuff that we use on our Excal Rods.

We are offering our PVC Snap On Stands for the AT too! The
first day I took my AT out the control box got all scuffed up from
falling over just about every time I set it down to dig and in my
vehicle because of the short stock stand, the top heavy control box,
and the shape of the stock coil.
Snap On PVC Detector Stand

This stand will help keep your detector from tipping
over. Since it is a snap on stand you can remove it when you water hunt.
It will also swivel and you can place where you want on the rod.
Due to the unique smaller diameter of the Garrett Rods it will take two
wraps of black electrical tape for the stand to snap on. See the photo
above on the right.

Our Price is only $19.99
Free shipping in the Continental US!
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Shaft Locks for Garrett Rods

These locks will fit the new smaller diameter Garrett Shafts and the
Infinium Rods. The shaft lock does not use a cam it justs closes around the
lower rod and holds it securely! It is made of strong ABS with stainless steel
hardware, so it will last forever! There is no drilling required to install them.

Our Price is only $16.00 each
Free shipping in the Continental US!