Finally, a Custom Straight Rod for the AT!

 After a lot of trial and error on Bill's part we are excited to offer
 you this top quality rod.
 The rod and handle is made of 7/8" OD .058 wall Aluminum alloy
 and the Grip is a "closed cell" type of neoprene from Grip
 Works that resists salt, etc. The handle is fully adjustable and we will
 supply a hex wrench.  This straight rod comes with your choice of a
 Pluggers H/D Arm Cuff (shown in the photos) or a Whites H/D Arm  
 Cuff. Either cuff will have a velcro arm strap and a pad. The rod will
 also have a snap on stand which you can move so that it doesn't
 interfere with your swing and take it off when you get into the water.

This rod also includes a lower rod which your AT Pro coils will fit on.
The Upper shaft is 33" long, and the lower (coil) rod is a White's  
lightweight rod, approx 23" long and fits the AT coils perfectly.  
All hardware is included (thick rubber washers and 3/8" bolt, with
wing nut).
New AT Pro Custom Straight Rod!
AT Pro Custom Straight Rod
With Stand and Lower Rod

Our Price $14
Free shipping in the Continental US!
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