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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Geocaching, Second Edition

    Authored by the editors and staff of,
    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Geocaching, Second
    Edition is an updated, comprehensive and easy-to-
    understand book for getting started and having fun
    with geocaching. You may not know it yet, but hidden
    within a few miles of where you are, there are
    geocaches waiting to be found!

    Topics Include:
    A complete explanation of the activity
    Insider tips and tricks from geocachers
    Expert advice on purchasing a GPS unit for geocaching
    Evolution of Travel Bugs, geocoins and trackable items
    Ideas for getting involved in the geocaching community
    Practical guidance for safe and environmentally
    responsible outdoor recreation
    The latest in GPS activities, including Waymarking and

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             3 x 3 Full Color Sticker

    3" x 3" vinyl sticker. Permanently
    adheres to whatever you stick it on.

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       3/4 x 3/4 Mini Sticker 4 Pack

    These bright yellow geocaching mini
    stickers look great on logbooks, GPS
    units, and almost everything else
    related to geocaching.

    Each individual sticker measures 3/4"
    x 3/4"

    This is a 4 pack of stickers so you will
    receive 4 stickers per order.
                  Our Price $1.99
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      Ammo Box Green Logo Hat

    This stylish four color Geocaching
    Logo hat will be a favorite addition to
    any geocacher's collection. Featuring
    the standard yellow, green, blue and
    orange logo, this 62% nylon/ 38%
    polyester hat can fit most sizes with
    an easily adjustable strap. Perfect for
    your next outdoor adventure!
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