Keys Cemetery Cleanup

On October 21, 2006 we cleaned up the Keys
cemetery located on SH 16 about 1 mile Northwest
of Okay, Oklahoma at the Okay Blueberry Farm.
It is owned by our Three Forks Club Members
Gene and Nancy Coffey.
                                     Indian Pioneer Papers
                                 Vol. 55 Cemeteries Pg. 321
                                J. S. Buchanan, Field Worker
                                        January 7, 1937
                              Transcribed by Barbara Downs


Location, NE corner NW 40, Sec. 19, T l6N, R 19E
1 mile northwest of Okay adjoining highway 69

This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Oklahoma though it only occupies about fifty         
foot square on high level ground and with the exception of a few oak trees among the        
graves there is no other trees near the place.  The oldest citizen in the vicinity says there   
has never been a burial in this place since their recollection.  It has no inclosure [sic]       
and conditions indicate years of neglect.  About eleven graves can be located, eight of      
them with granite head stones with the following inscriptions:

William, son of  L. and C. Keys, Born near Tahlequah January 17, 1843,
Died at Flat Rock Creek February 6, 1878.
John W, son of L and C. Keys, Born at Migator Town, Tahlequah District,
Cherokee Nation, October 25, 1849
James McDennil, Born in the year of 1780, Died November 9, 1850.
Ellen Mize, Born April 5, 1848, Died February 14, 1881
Nellie S., daughter of A. L. and L. H. Richards, died July 22, 1888, Age 3 months.
Lewis Keys, born April 12, 1816, died November 26, 1877.
Nellie, daughter of A. S. and L. H. Richards Born September 1, 1886,
Died November 26, 1886.
Martha, wife of J. B. Alberty, Daughter of T. and M. Bruster,
Died January 18, 1879, Age 25 years.
Below is a copy of the Pioneer Paper with a 1937
description of the Keys Cemetery. It was called the
Mc Dennil Cemetery in this interview. EOCPO Member
Barbara Downs transcribed the paper from microfilm.
Some before views of Keys Cemetery
Some after views of Keys Cemetery
Big thanks to all of our Volunteers!
To view all of the pictures of our Cleanup
visit the album at the link below!
Wyatt Earp may have helped steal
horses from the Keys' homestead
according to the story below!
William Keys' Headstone