EOCPO Photos
Our Scouting Party to
Old Agency Cemetery
just before The EOCPO
was formed.
Members of the first
Scouting Party were
in shock from what
they saw at Agency.
You can tell that Tony
was overwhelmed by
the thought of what we
needed to do out there.
A stone knocked off
of it's pedestal.
A "before shot" at
Harnage Cemetery
An "after shot" of
the same spot at
Harnage Cemetery
Hey, that's me at
Harnage. Shawn must
have took that picture.
Hershel at Old
Agency ready to get
after it.
There's Sue! I wonder if
she is trying to tell me
Tommy is coming out of
the portable outhouse
that Wally set up.
Bob is sawing some
We could see progress
already In November,
our 3rd Cleanup Day
"Pres" Gary cutting
Terry is getting after it.
This is part of our April 2005 Cleanup Group getting
ready to start work at Old Agency Cemetery.