iFinder Expedition C

Find your way in lavish color with this feature packed 16-channel handheld mapping GPS!
This new Lowrance iFinder Expedition C with color display offers everything you could
want,  including the unique "Scout Mode", electronic compass, barometric altimeter,
built-in microphone, MP3 player capabilities, and more!

Also available with the Plus package -
The iFinder Expedition C Plus  has the same great    
features as the standard model, with the added plus of exclusiveMapcreate USA Topo
mapping software, one MMC/SD memory card, and an MMC/SD memory card reader
with USB connector - for custom, high-detail mapmaking on a PC.

Lowrance iFinder Expedition C Features

Unique Features

  • Unique "Scout Mode" to mark area perimeters and create borders
  • Built-in electronic compass and barometric altimeter with weather predictions
  • Plays MP3 audio files from an MMC/SD card (an MMC/SD card is included
only with Plus Model); (headphones are not included)
  • Built-in microphone for recording voice notes to waypoints
  • Watertight with sure-grip rubber welt seal
  • Classic black and silver case


  • High-brightness 2.83" diagonal (7.19 cm) color TFT display
  • 320v x 24H pixel resolution
  • White LED backlit screen
  • Excellent direct sunlight and low-light/night viewing


  • Precision 16 Channel GPS + WAAS receiver
  • Antenna port for connecting optional external GPS + WAAS antenna
  • Dual processors for high speed screen updates
  • Dual easy/advanced operation modes
  • Built-in continental US and Hawaii background map featuring interstate exit services
  • One MMC/SD digital media memory card slot for higher-detailed mapping, GPS trip
    details, recording/playing, and MP3 music playing capabilities
  • Optional Mapping Accessories Pack that includes MapCreate USA Topo mapping
software, one digital MMC/SD memory card, and an MMC/SD card reader/writer
with USB connector
  • Compatible with optional plug and play Lowrance FreedomMaps, Fishing Hot Spots Elite,
    LakeMaster ProMaps, NauticPath, and Navionics electronic charts
  • 1,000 waypoints/1,000 event markers/100 routes
  • Up to 100 savable and retraceable plot trails, withup to 10,000 points in any trail
  • 40 map zoom ranges, 0.02 - 4,000 miles
  • 42 graphic icons
  • Internal backup memory


  • Weighs 8.7 oz/247g with 2 AA batteries loaded (batteries not included)
  • 5.588x2.549x0.955 inches / 14.2x6.5x2.4 cm pocket-sized
  • Waterproof to IPX7 standard, with sure-grip rubber welt seal
  • Operates up to 16 hours or longer on 2 AA batteries (not included)

Comes With

  • 12 volt plug power adapter
  • Full one year warranty
PAGES - Access the four major modes of the unit.

MENU - Select or adjust a feature from a list.

PWR - Turns the unit on and off. Pressing it once while the unit is on turns on the screenís backlight.

- Navigate through the menus, adjust the chartís cursor, and enter data.

ZIN/ZOUT - Zoom-in or zoom-out the view on the plotter screen.

FIND - Find waypoints, map places, highway exits, streets and addresses.

EXIT - Exit from entering data or menus and clears cursor.

ENT/SAVE - Enter data or save waypoints and icons.
Key Pad