The G2 is an extremely hot detector loaded with features.  The
    industries only 5 year warranty and made in the USA
    This unit is awesome and the target separation, sensitivity and
    iron see through is unrivaled.  It balances all the way to salt,  is
    lightning fast and has V-Break:  the industries first adjustable
    audio break point -- and Its not just for iron targets like the
    competitions unit imitating this exclusive feature.  Combine this
    with features that have been offered on Tek detectors for years
    like: 40 points of iron resolution, 1-99 target ID with big easy to
    read numbers, lightning fast recovery speed, Ground Grab-the
    industries best ground balancing system, 11 inch DD coil and
    you have a superior performing detector with these proven
    features other manufacturers are just now trying to imitate - - 5
    years later!  
New Teknetics G2