Since the price of detectors, gas, food, and just living
    has gotten so high I have decided to make layaway
    another payment option for purchasing detectors,
    headphones, coils, GPS receivers, and probes. This
    plan will be very liberal. You can take up to 6
    months to pay off your purchases. You will still get
    my low prices, as always on any detectors and
    accessories. It will not cost you anything extra to
    take advantage of the layaway if you stick to the
    agreement.  If you cancel your order, substitute your
    merchandise, or as an incentive to you, do not pay
    your balance in 6 months there will be a 10% charge
    to cover my expenses such as card fees, PayPal fees,
    book keeping fees, etc.

    I do ask that you email or call me at 918-906-9912
    first, print out, fill out, sign, send the Layaway
    Agreement below back to me, and put at least 10%
    down. I will take checks, money orders, credit/debit
    cards, or PayPal as payments. For more details
    please see the Layaway Agreement.