For those that already have a set of high quality headphones, but want the power of our Uniprobe... 

Now introducing Pocket UniProbe!

The compact, highly sensitive Pocket Probe and Pulse Induction Metal Detector. Based on the same circuitry as our popular UniProbe Headphone.


Pocket UniProbe is our new high-powered pulse inductance probe that can be switched on or off during hunting and retrieval with your metal detector. Or, with an optional PI searchcoil and rods, it can be turned into a complete PI metal detector! Pocket Uniprobe contains today's most innovative Pulse Inductance electronics. The Pocket UniProbe performs in all ground mineral conditions, both salt and fresh water beaches too with up to 5-6" depth on coins in the retrieval hole. Pocket UniProbe is a true universal application probe/ metal detector and it will open up a whole new world of accurate retrieval for you. Isn't about time you stopped scratching your valuable coins, relics and jewelry by not being able to pinpoint accurately with large detector searchcoils?
Pulse Frequency, Threshold.
Probe On/Off.

Probe searchcoil or optional 8" or 11" DetectorPro PI searchcoils.
Auxiliary headphone - 1/8"

High-quality molded case with external speaker, removable battery, rugged belt hook, and locking bayonet  connector. Probe quickly attaches to housing with Velcro fasteners. 



Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Search Frequency: Pulse Induction.
  • Searchcoil: 8" x 5/8" diameter probe.
  • Probe Depth: Up to 5-6" deep on coins in the hole.
  • External Speaker: Speaker designed for maximum sensitivity efficiency, durability and signal quality.
  • Auxiliary Headphone Jack: 1/8" diameter (use ordinary 1/8" to 1/4" conversion plug)
  • Audio Frequency: Pulse VCO
  • Controls: Continuous adjust Threshold and Pulse Frequency.
  • Switches: Probe "On/Off"
  • Search Mode: Threshold search, slow-motion.
  • Operating environments: 8" Probe is waterproof for land, salt & fresh water beach use.
  • Rods: Optional for conversion to Pulse detector
  • Searchcoils: Optional DetectorPro 8" or 11" PI
  • Battery: (1) 9-Volt Alkaline battery (supplied).
  • Battery Life: Dependent on the on/off cycling during use, rated currently up to 12 hours (alkaline) continuous "on" use.
  • Applications: Pinpointing for jewelry, relic, and coin hunting.
  • Warranty: Two Years.
  • NOTE: Specifications and features subject to change without notice.