This is Plugger's newest Shaft Lock!

All of our Rods will now feature them!
They are also available as replacement locks!

Made from tough ABS plastic for eliminating the wobble in the coil rod. No
cam to crap up and freeze the coil rod. Can be easily removed for cleaning
the sand out of the shaft. This lock just clamps around the coil rod,
eliminating the wobble. All nylon hardware, no metal!
Weighs only 1.1 ounces and, unlike the twist locks used by the various
manufacturers, it does not utilize a "cam" so it is not prone to the "sticky"
lower rod problems associated with the Cam Locks (twist locks) used on
almost all stock detector shafts. On the water machines, especially, the
cam gets crapped up with sand and salt and the lower rod "freezes" up
inside of the upper shaft. This can cause damage to both the lower rod and
the twist lock. With this new lock, you just loosen the knob and flush the
shaft and lower rod with water and it will loosen up quite easily.

This new Shaft Lock fits all 7/8" shafts
We now also have newer bigger shaft locks for the larger Garrett Shafts!
New Universal Shaft Locks