For The Trail

    New authentic Government issued one
    quart plastic water canteens. Don't get
    thirsty on the trail again. I  fill my
    canteens almost full of water and keep
    them in the freezer for a couple of days.
    It thaws out during the day while I am
    out in field. In 95 degree weather I have
    ice water for a half a day.
    On cooler days it lasts all day. In the
    winter I only freeze half the canteen and
    add some water before I head out.

            Our Price $2.99
              Canteen Cover

    Like new never used authentic
    Government issued nylon canteen cover.  
    It comes with two Alice Clips so that you
    can attach it to your belt. It has fleeced
    lined insulation and an outside accessory
    pocket with a velcro closure. I keep a
    couple of band aids in a plastic bag in
    mine. Click here to see more photos of
    the covers. This cover was made for the
    one quart canteen but it will also hold a
    bottle of water.

                Our Price $3.99
        Canteen with Cover - $6.49
    CSI Edge Flash and Cap Light

    The CSI EDGE 35 is a compact high-
    intensity tactical flashlight. Constructed
    of anodized aircraft grade aluminum,
    The EDGE outputs 35 lumens with 1
    powerful LED. The water-resistant body
    design also features a steel clip to keep
    this flashlight handy, or gives you the
    ability to use as a cap-light for
    convenient hands-free lighting. The glow-
    in-the-dark button is positioned in the
    back so that you can keep constant
    control of the flashlight while activating
    the button. Small enough to fit in the
    palm of your hand, The EDGE shows off
    its touch side with the aggressive self-
    defense face. CSI EDGE…Small never
    looked so mean!
             Geocaching Pen

    Finally a geocaching pen that fits in
    smaller caches or can easily attach to a
    lanyard. This pen is 6" long with the
    carabiner and 4" without and features
    the official logo.

              Our Price $5.99
  Ammo Box Green Logo Hat

    This stylish four color Geocaching
    Logo hat will be a favorite addition to
    any geocacher's collection. Featuring
    the standard yellow, green, blue and
    orange logo, this 62% nylon/ 38%
    polyester hat can fit most sizes with
    an easily adjustable strap. Perfect for
    your next outdoor adventure!

             Our Price $14.99
Solution Graphics
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    One high power LED bulb outputs 35
    lumens of light (bulbs rated for 110,000+
    hours of life)
    Anodized aircraft grade aluminum water-
    resistant compact body design
    Aggressive self-defense face
    Steel clip
    Rear glow-in-the-dark button
    Rubber grip for non-slip grip and comfort


    Output – 35 lumens
    Length – 3.75”
    Diameter – .75”
    Weight – 0.179 lbs.
    Batteries – 1 AA battery (included)

    This is an amazing light and it is so
    bright! It is perfect for clipping onto your
    cap for night caching!

                 Our Price $9.99